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Michigan has 83 counties, 277 city governments, 256 village governments, 1,240 township governments, 587 school districts, 12 tribal governments, not to mention quasi-government entities, and each has there own set of laws, protocols, and culture.

There are also forty-six (46) Community Mental Health organizations with many more service providers providing a comprehensive range of mental health services and supports to children, adolescents, and adults with mental illnesses, developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders in all 83 counties. …

We need to elect leaders who are stewards, not servants. People who are ordinary, like you and I, but who have the political will to bring people together and get the job done!

On just about any issue, we can find a way to find common ground but will the leader, we elect have the political will to work with others despite their differences to get the job done?

The people we elect are members of our community. And within our community, we care about many of the same issues, yet we may differ on how they get resolved. To resolve them we need strong leaders willing to bring people together and leaders to advocate for their community in bringing valuable resolves to get it done.

I recently ran for the county commission…

I am not sure if you subscribe to Fortune’s CEO Daily. However, in today’s edition, Fortune Editor Alan Murray wrote a great story about CEOs and companies speaking up and speaking out when they come “under attack” by the media. See Companies Strike Back.

When your reputation is at stake and the facts are on your side, CEOs should speak up and take a stand against news that is factually in correct. If the optics look bad they should still (respectfully) confront the story and deal with it directly. If litigation is involved or the potential of litigation and the…

…. They get caught. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford knows that now when he faced reporters earlier this week asking them to re-ask a question they asked him in May. “You asked me a question back in May and you can repeat that question,” Mr. Ford told a bunch of journalists earlier this week as reported in The New York Times. He then admitted that he did indeed smoke crack cocaine. Also last week, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) was accused of plagiarism, denied it and finally this week admitted what happened. (Although to his credit, he also came out with…

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Michael Rogers talks with SBAM board member Dan Cherrin, owner of North Coast Strategies, an independent public relations/affairs consultancy based in Royal Oak, to get his perspective on today’s news media environment and how small business owners can still find ways to tell their story.

Michael Rogers talks with SBAM board member Dan Cherrin, owner of North Coast Strategies, an independent public relations/affairs consultancy based in Royal Oak, to get his perspective on today’s news media environment and how small business owners can still find ways to tell their story.

In 2015, 193 countries committed to making the world more prosperous, resilient and sustainable by adopting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A number of businesses took the same pledge and accepted the responsibility to do their part.

This includes MAX Burgers, IKEA and MEVO.

This summer MAX Burgers (Sweden) announced that all its burgers are now climate positive.

  • Any meal eaten at any one of its 130 restaurants across Europe and the Middle East will result in the removal of carbon dioxide from the air, reversing the negative impacts of climate change meal.

“To meet the two-degree climate goal set…

When it comes to data, we are all vulnerable. While many states dictate when to disclose a breach there is no consistency in reporting.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services had their system breached last month resulting in millions of searches on their system. This includes tax filing status, family relationships, citizenship or immigration status and other sensitive data.

After determining that their system was breached, CMS informed those affected with this letter. It is never easy to share bad news, but CMS acted appropriately in letting those affected know:

What happened?


If you or your company is not on social media, you should. After all, just because you or your company is not Tweeting or otherwise posting pictures or updates, does not prevent others from talking about you. It is important for you to listen to the chatter, know the influencers or where the discussion got started in the first place.

Why? To protect your reputation and bottom line.

News now spreads in a matter of seconds thanks to social media and mobile technology. Whether the news is positive or negative, brands have to be able to react almost…

Walk into a Starbuck’s or local coffee shop in Detroit, such a Commonwealth, Café Con Leche or Great Lakes Coffee, or a co-working space like Bamboo or WeWork, and you will see the engines of a new labor force churning to power Michigan’s independent economy. These workers sacrifice a steady paycheck, a 401K match, health insurance, sick pay, and vacation for setting their own hours and flexibility in how they spend their day.

Alternative” workers, which include independent contractors, the self-employed, consultants, contract employees, temps, freelancers, and on-demand workers accounted for 10.1% of the workforce in 2017, according to the…

If there was ever a time to get involved and make a difference, it is now. In one of his final acts in office, President Obama encouraged people to “grab a clipboard, get some signatures, and run for office yourself,” if they were disappointed in their elected officials.

While we need good, honorable and focused individuals to run for office, we also need passionate and energetic people to step in to lead the nonprofit organizations filling the gaps in services our government no longer provides.

With an open seat in my district, now that Congressman Sander Levin announced his retirement…

Daniel Cherrin

I bring people together to solve difficult problems & help protect your reputation. #Attorney practicing #PR. Fmr. Comms Director @CityofDetroit. Alum @UMich

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