Let’s elect stewards & servants, not just leaders.

We need to elect leaders who are stewards, not servants. People who are ordinary, like you and I, but who have the political will to bring people together and get the job done!

On just about any issue, we can find a way to find common ground but will the leader, we elect have the political will to work with others despite their differences to get the job done?

The people we elect are members of our community. And within our community, we care about many of the same issues, yet we may differ on how they get resolved. To resolve them we need strong leaders willing to bring people together and leaders to advocate for their community in bringing valuable resolves to get it done.

I recently ran for the county commission and lost in the primary. Due to the pandemic, I did not go door-to-door. I called voters instead. As I spoke with voters I got many off guard who did not want to talk or we suspicious as to why I was calling. Others were appreciative, but no one really wanted to talk. Most of the people who I did talk to simply said, “I have all the literature and will just review the literature when I am ready to vote.” I replied, “well what is it about the literature that you will look for? Are there any issues you are concerned about?” And yet no one really wanted to talk.

While issues do not necessarily separate candidates, priorities, and positions on those issues do. (And really well-designed literature!)

So too should stewardship. When I vote, I make it a point to get to know the candidate, if not personally, then based on their issues and I never pass up a chance to engage them in a conversation. Campaigns are not just a time for a candidate to talk about themself, it is your chance to engage the candidate in the issues important to you.

Early on in my election, I heard a pastor of a local church speak to congregants. He said,

Our elected leaders are not just public servants, they are stewards. They are stewards of the offices they now hold.

We are either elected or appointed, but our positions are not and never should be permanent. While the issues we care about may not be so different, the stewards who will advocate for you matter. We need to elect strong bold leaders who are not just passionate about the issues we are advocating for, we need leaders who can get in there, get the job done, and know that their time is limited. So while the arena may be political, the outcome better be in the best interests of the community and the people we serve.

As we bring the 2020 election to a close, it is important that you get to know the candidates and ask if they are someone who just wants to get elected, or are they someone who will listen, be accessible, and respect one another with the experience to get the job done.



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